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Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll Video Ads

An ad (which is usually 6-, 15-, 30-, or 60-seconds long) shown before or during the featured video.

Floating Players

A video player that pops out into a separate window but remains on the same page. These types of players enhance the viewability of video ads.

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

A feature where ads are dynamically inserted into the video stream, providing a seamless transition between content and ads.

Related Video Adsor Trailers

A player that shows several related videos in a thumbnail form when playback has ended or paused.

Sponsored Video Rails

A video playlist sponsored by the brand to complement its brand story.

Branded and Personalized Players

A highly customizable and extensible video player that is built with HTML5.

Sponsored Skins, Web, and App Experiences

A customized UI that provides the brand greater presence via a “page” or “service takeover.”

Product Placements With Interactivity

Offering product placements within original content, with interactivity providing additional information.

Content to Commerce

Helping brands bridge the link between inspirational content and ecommerce.

Affiliate Fees: Content to Commerce

These fees are based on the finder’s fee concept, where third-party sites are incentivized whenever the brand gets a new customer.

Branded Content: Original Content

A subtle advertising format that blends storytelling with the brand message.

Branded Content: Talent/ Influencer Fees

Expanding the brand’s association with popular content in social or brand marketing campaigns, by offering talent from the show.


A strategy to distribute to as many website and services as possible in order to increase reach and therefore revenue.

Social Publishing

Syndicating sponsored content across paid, owned, and earned social channels.

Live Events

Offering sponsorships of specific themed events to brands.


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